Tuesday, May 22, 2007

OQO 02 Review Coming...

I have had my OQO since Saturday, about 3 days and will post a full review shortly. However, I wanted to let folks know that I am very happy with the OQO. It has delivered on its promise and met or exceeded all my expectations. It has been acting as my full-time desktop replacement (having replaced now my Samsung Q1p) for the last 3 days. I have no complaints.

I am pushing the OQO perhaps more than most users. I am a Flex developer and so my OQO is what I am doing all my development work on. That work means I am running a Flex server, and the Flex Builder Eclipse IDE for doing Flex compilations. It also means I am testing my Flex applications, known for taxing any CPU on the OQO. I have not been slowed down.

A couple quick observations (I don't want to give too much away):

  • I was really reticent about the fan noise. I am happy to report that my OQO and I have reached an understanding and fan noise is no longer a primary concern for me. I'll explain what settings I'm using to get the results I want in my full review.
  • I was really worried that the CPU wouldn't be powerful enough to carry out my daily workload demands. I was wrong.
  • I was unconvinced that I needed the built-in keyboard. I coming around to appreciate the presence of the keyboard and find myself using it more and more (I'm a pen person so this is a big deal!)
  • I was right that I would carry the unit with me more because of its diminuitive size. The OQO is truely pocketable, like no other UMPC on the market and that is quite exciting for me. I will share what new use cases I have run into in future postings.

So that's a quick synopsis of my 3 day experience with the OQO 02. I could not be more happy and I look forward to you guys sharing with me your use cases and experiences with the OQO and other UMPCs.


Al Iverson said...

Sweeeeeeet. So, about 20 days from order to arrival?

Anonymous said...

In your review of the OQO2, could you show pictures of it running software like adobe reader and IE.

neil balthaser said...

Hi Al - Yes, I ordered through Dynamism around the 1st of May. I switched my order last Thursday from Best/Vista Business to Best/Vista Business/Sprint and they Fed-Exed one out for Saturday delivery. I highgly recommend Dynamism.

Hi Anonymous - Yes, I will try to include pictures of the OQO 02 running various apps like Adobe Reader, IE, Flex etc. Now I need to go buy a digital camera :-p

YSL said...

Hi,I just want to buy one, but can u comment if i buy xp pro, xp tablet or vista version, i don't know how to choose. Thx

neil balthaser said...

hi ysl: i bought vista business. I recommend vista for three reasons:

1. Vista's handwriting recognition and tablet functionality are more accurate and better integrated.

2. Despite what some people say, Vista is a more mature, secure and stable operating system.

3. Vista is the platform that Microsoft will support moving forward. All the R&D, enhancements and long term vision will manifest itself in Vista.

Anonymous said...

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