Thursday, May 24, 2007

OQO Model O2 Review: Overview

There are plenty of great general and unboxing reviews of the OQO 02. This review will focus on usability, user interface and user experience aspects of the OQO 02. The review is broken down into 5 parts. Each part is a separate blog posting that will occur over the next couple weeks.

  • Form Factor: In this part of the review I talk about the physical characteristics of the OQO as they relate to usability. I'll also talk about the capacitive touch scrollers, the keyboard, thumbstick and docking dongle.

  • Pen Tablet: This part of the review will focus on the OQO's active digitizer and pen. I'll talk about what it's like to write on a 5 inch screen as well as how the OQO's VIA processor impacts handwriting recognition.

  • Desktop and Notebook Replacement: I'm using the 02 as my desktop replacement. I'll talk about what I do on a day to day basis and what my user experience is when using the 02 as a desktop replacement. Usage scenarios will include Flex development and daily usage of Microsoft Office 2007 (including OneNote 2007). I'll talk about power schemes, fan noise, CPU performance and share tips on how to get the most out of your 02.

  • 5-inch Use Cases: I'll talk about portability and compare 5-inch versus 7-inch usability and use cases. I'll share use cases that are unique to the 02.

  • Conclusion: I'll wrap up all my findings and give the OQO 02 a final score based on usability and user experience.

    If you have specific questions that you would like covered, please let me know. I'll be happy to factor those in.


Chippy said...

Looking forward to the review. Would be nice to see some battery life (or drain) tests with Notebook Hardware Control. The 7" vs 5" desktop is a great one. VFM is something I'm also interested in. Is it better value than, say, a Kohjisha SA1?

neil balthaser said...

Hi Steve,
Great suggestions. I will include these. VFM is a great idea - of course it will be subjective. Not sure aobut Notebook Hardware Control, having never used it. What is it?

Anonymous said...

A computer must easily allow the user to input information. What methods do you use to put different types of data into the OQO?
You've mentioned before on your blog that you use speech recognition; How well does the OQO handle speech recognition and what setup do you use? Is a bluetooth mic (mobility advantage over a cable mic) a possibility?
Those are the types of questions I'm interested in.

I'm looking at building a very USABLE computer, optimised for mobility and docked usage.
I'm a big multi-document and MindManager user therefore my perfect system would see an OQO hooked up to dual WSXGA+ screens with a bluetooth keyboard, mouse and mic. I doubt this setup will be possible for some time yet but I'm interested in seeing what compromises I have to make.

neil balthaser said...

Hi Paddy: Please read my OQO part II review as I talk about handwriting and voice recognition as alternate input methods on the OQO. You will see that the entire part two receive was dictated using voice recognition on the OQO.

I use Mindmanager on my 24inch LG LCD using the OQO's built-in 1900x1200 HDMI output. It looks great. Iuse the new Dinovo Edge bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I have also hooked up my 20 inch. Sony at 1280x1024 at the same time as the HDMI, all natively out the back of the OQO.

Good questions, thanks for reading my blog.